SketchUp C API
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SketchUpAPI Directory Reference

Interfaces for the SketchUp SDK.



directory  application
 Interfaces for usage within the SketchUp application.
directory  geometry
 Interfaces for geometric operations.
directory  import_export
 Interfaces for importers and exporters.
directory  model
 Interfaces for the SketchUp model.
directory  utils
 General utility interfaces.


file  color.h
 Interfaces for SUColor.
file  common.h
 Generic interfaces for the API types.
file  defs.h
 General types for the API.
file  extension_license.h
 Interfaces for SUExtensionLicense.
file  geometry.h
 Define types for geometric operations.
file  initialize.h
 Functionality for the API interface itself.
file  length_formatter.h
 Interfaces for SULengthFormatterRef.
file  sketchup.h
 Utility header that loads all other headers in the SDK package.
file  sketchup_info.h
 Interfaces for obtaining information about the executing SketchUp application.
file  slapi.h
 Deprecated, don't use.
file  transformation.h
 Deprecated, don't use.
file  unicodestring.h
 Interfaces for SUStringRef.

Detailed Description

Interfaces for the SketchUp SDK.