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SUExtensionLicense Struct Reference

Stores extension license information. More...

#include <SketchUpAPI/extension_license.h>

Data Fields

bool is_licensed
 Main flag indicating whether the extension is allowed to run or not.
enum SUExtensionLicenseState state
 Additional state information.
size_t days_remaining
 Number of days until license expiration. 0 if permanent or not licensed.
char error_description [512]

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

enum SUResult SUGetExtensionLicense (const char *extension_id, struct SUExtensionLicense *out_license)
 Acquires a license for a given extension. More...

Detailed Description

Stores extension license information.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

enum SUResult SUGetExtensionLicense ( const char *  extension_id,
struct SUExtensionLicense out_license 

Acquires a license for a given extension.

[in]extension_idThe Extension Warehouse UUID for the extension.
[out]out_licensethe licensing retrieved.

Field Documentation

char SUExtensionLicense::error_description[512]

Error description in case of failure to acquire a license. This is meant to aid in debugging only. Extensions should not rely on any exact error description.

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