Grid Tool
A tool to create 2-dimensional grids.
Grid Tool

Sometimes, a grid is the best way to understand an area. With the grid tool, you can create a series of squares made of guides to help you plan your model. Since the grid is made of guide lines, you don’t have to worry about sticky geometry, and they are easy to show or hide (click View > Guides).

To use the Grid Tool:

  1. Choose Tools > Grid
  2. Input a grid spacing value into the Measurements box and press Enter. The default is 1’.
  3. Click once to define the start corner of the grid.
  4. Move your mouse to define the total width of the grid.
  5. Click to set the width of the grid.
  6. Move your mouse perpendicular to define the length of the grid.
  7. Click a second time to anchor the final dimension of the grid.
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