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I was a professional timber framer for ten years, and I learned Sketchup to design houses for my clients. Before I started timber framing, I was a professional software developer. I found myself with the right cross-section of skills to create these timber framing extensions for Sketchup. I'm back to writing code for a living now, but still teach timber framing, and 3D CAD for Timber Framers.
Extensions for Timber Framers. Automate mortise & tenon joinery, generate material lists, etc.
Places an existing section cut on its own layer and it's own scene, and aligns the view.
Rotate the selected component(s) and/or group(s) 90 degrees.
Displays the angle between intersecting faces.
Converts selected edges to construction lines.
Used to quickly change the name of component instances without using the Entity Info window.
Quickly change the color of faces, even when nested inside components.