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Have you ever been using SketchUp and started reminiscing about David Hasselhoff, The Oregon Trail, Alf, or that awesome mullet you had back in the 80s? One day we were, and we decided to imagine what SketchUp would look like if it came out in the 80s. To house all of that immense 3D processing power it would probably have warranted a huge computer contained in a cabinet. So, we went ahead and built an 80s style arcade cabinet and put SketchUp in it. Can you imagine walking into an 80s arcade and seeing that?
While this extension won't make an awesome SketchUp themed arcade cabinet appear next to you (sorry!!) it will give you a taste of that bodacious retro fun. Go to Extensions > RetroUp and select Retro Mode or Activate All and enjoy the awesomeness. Your coworkers will love you.
Cowabunga Dude!

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