Allows you to: Toggle Ruby Console: on/off. Toggle Styles/Edit/Colour-(EdgeColour): All-Same/By-Material. Toggle Inverse Hidden Status of objects. Toggle Hidden Items Visibility: on/off. Toggle Colour by Layer: on/off

nz_Toggle saves times providing more direct access to available functions.

you can make the most of Sketchup, work more efficiently.





Inverse Hidden Status of objects.

  • Reveal all hidden objects and hide all visible objects... 
  • Easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Switch between the visible and hidden geometry in one click.

Hidden Items Visibility: on/off.

  • Make hidden items visible (ghosted) and visually identify them…

 Ruby Console on/off

  • DoubleClick clears the console…


Styles/Edit/Colour-(EdgeColour): All-Same/By-Material



Colour by Layer: on/off

  • Visually check your object's layer status.







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