nz_MyCatalogue allows you to build your own versatile parametric library of elements, with profiles ranging from simple to complex all easily defined and adaptable.

Createstore and share your very own personal library of extrudable profiles.


nz_MyCatalogue allows you to create library items with as little input as

  • Profile Name
  • Width
  • Height
  • or through to the creation of complex custom profiles


Beyond this you can also include various parameters such as:

  • DIRECTIONAL OFFSET:  Spacing elements at nominated centres (Adaptable to Centreline or Face offset)
  • LATERAL OFFSET:           EG. Nominating Spacings between wall elements (Adaptable to Centreline)
  • VERTICAL OFFSER:        EG. Overhead cupboards (Adaptable to Top Face or Underside Measurements)
  • Overall Length limits
  • Custom colours of your own creation
  • And more….


At any point the parameters can be

  • Overridden
  • Updated or
  • Temporarily introduced when selecting the profile.


You can can choose for each resultant object to either be a

  • group or
  • component


Either way all objects will have:

  • Instance names identical to the library name
  • Identical axes relative the object itself.


Therefore when turning a group into a component you are able to redefine all components of the same name or make a unique component then and there.  

(also refer to nz_ConvertMe which can take full advantage of this set up).


nz_MyCatalogue is  a versatile library, with which for instance you can specify a brick and then override it's limits to just as easily draw a brick wall.   Further still you have various options available to you such than you can quickly do something as intricate as laying bricks by choosing to:

  • preserve the maximum length and/or
  • cut the length at the second click or
  • or fall short of the end click by the set mortar offset (XY-OFFSET) 
  • Hot Keys allow you mirror the position, and toggle-off the offsets at will.
  • and of course you also have a 3D Pre-VIsualisation so you can see what your doing


Your working on the flat plane but if you wish to draw a diagonal member then select that diagonal distance and your horizontal profile will be to precise measurement and can easily be rotated into place!....

Everything is designed to be quickly adaptive to your needs, such that you can get on with the business of designing with your very own favourite elements to the level of detail you prefer.


The value of nz_MyCatalogue is that you don't need to invest a lot of time setting up a complete staircase.... designer's don't usually like ready-made solutions anyway instead we prefer quick easy-to-deploy elements that don't funnel us into a predetermined outcome... Just like Sketchup simple tools with which to make complex designs :-)



We have included a "Try-It-Library" to get you started....


After installing nz_MyCatalogue, deploy the "RESTORE" button....

Select the restore option and follow the prompts which (in the even of no initial Library or Backup) will provide you with an option to restore the factory "Try-it-Library" you will instantly have access to the default Catalogue library


Or start your own parametric library from scratch!


NOTE: aside from creating a  BACKUP of your current library and RESTORE it at will,  you can also EXPORT your library to share with multiple machines running nz_MyCatalogue


Finally nz_MyCatalogue comes with the ability to grow your own library of custom colours, based on the RBG system!


The Try-It-Library also includes a library of colours to get your started.


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