This tool will calculate the golden section for you and providing you with written dimensions and endpoints (both near and far) which you can use to draw or located you models.
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There is much written about the Golden Section, it is certainly found throughout nature and throughout the designed world around us, from company logos to the products themselves.


The Golden Sections is virtually your fail-safe way of ensuring you're producing a well proportioned designs which are inherently appealing. nz_GoldenSection make it easy for you to quickly and easily determine you proportions and soon enough good proportion will come naturally to you.


This tool will calculate the golden section for you and providing you with written dimension and endpoints you can use to draw or located you models.


Each operation locates two golden section proportions for any given reference length.  That is to say both the location within the line and that beyond the reference endpoint.  This essentially works like a visual calculator providing both written dimensions and a drawn ratio.  You can immediately input the correct value into the push/pull function or draw the correct perpendicular distance to create or close a rectangular shape for instance




Deluxe Mode: Provides 3D reference Points  when used on a flat horizontal plane.



RememberMe: All settings can be retained between sessions for your convenience


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