Subdivides a cubic form and allows you to tease and edit it into organic forms

Create organic forms


nz_Globule will subdivide a cube into and editable organic form.

Refine your creation using 8|14|26 'Control-Points' with which to manipulate the form, further still you can regenerate the form, changing the subdivision iterations and/or shell texture options



Each creation starts with a 8-point cubic-form.


Hot Keys

Control    : Toggle Textures 'Smooth|Diamond|Crystal|Shell'

Command    : Toggle Control Points: 8|14|26

Spacebar    : Random Variations to surface finished (for textures other than ‘Smooth’)

Up&Down Keys : Control the four levels of Iteration 1|2|3|4




'Access Members' allows you to select each greeble as an individual group entity



'Remember' will save your setting so that next time you open sketchup your current preferences will be conveniently remembered.

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