Create LayOut File
This sample creates one LayOut page for each SketchUp scene.
Create LayOut File

This sample extension creates one LayOut page for each scene in your current SketchUp model.

(Note: This extension requires SketchUp 2016 or 2017 M2)


After installing the extension, the “Create LayOut File from Scenes” command will be located under SketchUp’s Extension menu.

To use the script, set up your scenes in SketchUp, save your model and run the “Create LayOut File from Scenes” command. Then pick your paper size and orientation.

The LayOut document will be created in the same folder as your current SketchUp model, with the same name as the model and paper size appended. For example, MyModel.skp exported to an A4 sheet of paper will yield a LayOut document titled “MyModel - A4.layout”.

If your model has 20 scenes, your new LayOut file will have 20 pages, each conveniently labeled with the appropriate scene name. SketchUp viewports are placed on a ‘Models’ layer; page titles are placed on a ‘Text’ layer.

Once in LayOut, keep the pages you want and delete the rest. You can tweak settings to make each view look the way you want, and quickly set scales for orthographic viewports. Print, export or annotate to your heart’s content. If you’re new to LayOut, you may want to check out the LayOut section of the Help Center.


1) This sample extension shows developers that LayOut’s C API can be used in conjunction with SketchUp’s Ruby API to create a LayOut document.

2) This extension will run in SketchUp Pro only, since LayOut is required to view the .layout file.

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