Create interactive 3D presentations for web and mobile from your SketchUp models

CL3VER is the web-based solution that lets architects, engineers and designers to create, publish and share interactive 3D presentations from their SketchUp models to engage stakeholders, prospects and clients on any device.

The use of the cloud enables a seamless workflow from SketchUp to a collaborative environment. Finally, CL3VER is based on HTML5 and WebGL making 3D presentations instantly available on any web browser on PC, Mac & Mobile, actionable via mouse or Touch screen without the need for plugins.

With CL3VER you can create:

that works online and offline on any device, PC and Mac, desktop, mobile and on touch screens.


Using CL3VER is simple and a FREE trial account is available to let you create your first interactive 3D presentation:

  1. Create a CL3VER trial account for FREE

  2. Download and install the SketchUp to CL3VER plugin
  3. Open your scene in SketchUp and click   "File > Open in CL3VER"

  4. A new browser* window will be opened

  5. Select any of a 3D templates

  6. Your SketchUp 3D model will open in the CL3VER editor with its geometry, hierarchy, textures and materials.

*the CL3VER editor is compatible with the Google Chrome browser


If you experience any problem with the plugin you must get in touch with CL3VER by sending an email to (to speed up the process we recommend to attach the original 3D file and some screenshot of the issue that will help the CL3VER team to replicate the problem).


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CL3VER is the first cloud base platform that allows architects, 3D designers, visualization studios and agencies to create interactive 3D presentations that works in the browser without the need to install nor maintain any software. CL3VER can be used for the everyday customer speak to enable them to see buildings, products, and any 3D project from different angles, inside or outside, and see and compare alternative designs. CL3VER is developed in HTML5 and WebGL so the CL3VER presentations are web native and they are available in the browser. There is no plugin to install and that make them accessible to any Internet user.
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