SketchUp's missing geometric privitive — Martin Newell's teapot!

No one can live without Martin Newell's teapot! With this extension you not only get the teapot, but also the teacup and teaspoon! It's of course parametric so you can adjust the level of detail and features.


Select an primitive and use the appropriate menu or toolbar button to access it's parameters.

To edit a teapot; select the teapot and right click and choose Edit Teapot - or click the teapot button in the toolbar.

Type in 0 under Segments to create a mesh from the raw control points.

History Lesson

To be true to the original dataset; don't generate the Bottom and set Scale to Original.

Martin Newell's Teapot History Lesson on Vimeo

Menus & Toolbars

  • Draw » Teapot
  • View » Toolbars » Teapot
  • Context Menu » Edit Teapot/cup/spoon


Known Issues

  • Some times very small faces might not be created. Especially for the teaspoon.
  • Teaspoon has a couple of vertices that doesn't seem to have been created properly. Not sure if it's the dataset or SU's problems with small faces.
  • Faces reversing. I experienced once just before releasing this plugin that some faces came out reversed. I wasn't able to reproduce or determine the cause of that.

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