Collections of tools based on raytracing - drop, rayspray, grow component to contruction points.

Collection of small snippets I made during my work on projects at the office. I just named it Raytracer as all the methods involved tracing rays around the model - mostly to detect the ground surface. These dropping methods do not stop on entities that are hidden or on hidden layers.

Bug Alert!

There is a bug in the first release of SketchUp 8 where the ray tracing is not working correctly when there is CPoint in the current context. Ensure you have updated SketchUp!


Drop CPoints

Drops the selected constructions points down onto the surface below.

Drop CPoints (Trace)

Adds a construction point on the surface below the selected construction point and adds a construction line between them.

Drop Components

Drops the selected groups/components down onto the surface below by their axis origin.

Drop Components by Bounds

Drops the selected groups/components down onto the surface below by the corners of the bounding box' bottom.

Drop Components by Geometry (WIP)

Work in progress.

Grow Components from CPoints

  1. Select a set of components.
  2. Activate the command.
  3. From the window that appear, enter a comma or pipe separated list of layers containing construction point
  4. When clicking OK, all construction points on the given layers will be traced down to the surface below and an random instance of the selected components will be inserted between the surface and the construction point.

Trace Ray Spray from CPoints

Shoots a user-determined number of rays in every direction from every CPoint in the selection. The rays that hits something will be traced by a CLine and CPoint, grouped.

Rays Stops at Ground Plane

Check this item to make rays stop at the virtual ground plane in SketchUp.

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