Tools for inspecting normals and UV mapping.

A collection of various tools to query and probe a model. For modelling and development purposes.



Mouse over a face or edge to see the normals.

When hover over a face you will also see its edge's normals.

When hovering over an edge a purple point will indicate the start vertex of the edge. (The Blue axis will point from start to end.)

Click on a face to flip its normal.

End-point on Normals indicating if the edge is reversed if the end-point is a circle.

Ctrl+click will swap frontface and backface materials while flipping normals.

UVQ Values

Displays the UVQ values of each vertex for the face that the mouse points at. This returns the values that the UVHelper class returns.

Ctrl toggles front-face or back-face probing.

Shift toggles drill-down mode. In drill-down mode the probe picks faces inside groups/components.

Tab toggles between real UV values and raw UVHelper data.

F6 will display the PolygonMesh and it's UV values and vertex indexes.

Note: Values are rounded to 3 decimals. Rounded numbers should be denoted by an ~.

Count CG Materials

Counts and select all groups and components with materials applied - ignoring V-Ray objects.

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