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Spec-driven piping using a BIM cloud catalog with PCF export
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PipeDraft Extension for SketchUp

PipeDraft is a quick, fun, and easy to use extension for SketchUp that provides tools for modeling specification-driven 3D piping using a BIM component catalog powered by an Internet cloud service.

The extension is free for all registered users. Optional paid subscriptions enable access to additional content and features, including interoperability exports.

Free features include:

  • Route pipe segments, elbows, and tees based on simple 3D position clicks and spec selections
  • Insert components on virtual centerlines, rotate and/or flip via arrow keys
  • Rotate or relocate selection-sets via virtual connection positions
  • Carbon steel pipe specs based on industry standards and manufacturer catalogs
  • Symbolic valve shapes for visual consistency validation with P&ID flow sheet schematics
  • Aggressive instancing of low-poly components to minimize SKP file size and maximize responsiveness
  • Cloud hosted on-demand content eliminates local library management

Paid features include:

  • Copper and PVC plastic pipe specs, additional catalogs and size ranges
  • PCF piping component file exports for isometric drawing generation or stress analysis
  • CSV spreadsheet material take-off reports, including pipe cut lengths
  • Automated BIM classification for piping
  • Cloud hosting for custom high-poly component shapes, catalogs, specs, branch tables (Requires Enterprise Edition subscription)
  • Access paid features anywhere through secure sign-in

Check out our feature comparison table for a complete list of paid subscription benefits.

Visit our quick-start tutorial and learn how fun and easy it is to use PipeDraft.

Get this extension and use PipeDraft for free today!


I downloaded the 2016 Extension file (latest version available) and followed the instructions for installation on SketchUp 2017. After accessing the extension within SketchUp, it requires sign-in to the account created to download the extension. However, once I sign-in nothing happens and extension does not allow me access to use the program. It doesn't recognize me being signed-in. Very frustrating, I would really like to use the software. Please advise. Thank you.

Ritratto di OnApplied LLC

Hi LaTeresa,

Could you take a look at the entry regarding the sign-in process on our FAQ page? http://www.pipedraft.com/help/faqs#mozTocId397313d

I'll contact you via private message to confirm that you are able to sign-in now.


Ritratto di ismael g

RC4 will no longer be supported in Microsoft Edge and IE11.
i couldnt install de extensión :(

Ritratto di OnApplied LLC

Hi Ismael,

You may see messages regarding RC4 or SSL obsolescence if you are using an older version of SketchUp and an older version of PipeDraft without an updated version of your native web browser. You should be able to avoid such messages if you keep your native web browser up-to-date, if it's not too old.

Another option is to upgrade to at least SketchUp 2017 and at least PipeDraft 1.9, which uses the internal SketchUp CEF component and avoids the need to keep your native web browser up-to-date for SketchUp extension UI purposes.

Instructions for installing the PipeDraft RBZ package can be found here:

Please let me know if you need help installing.



Ritratto di Steve N

I will never buy an extension w/o trying a free version first! I did that with 3Skeng and had instant regret. These cloud systems can bog down your system and workflow will be so slow that pen & paper would be a better option.

There is not a free trial version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ritratto di OnApplied LLC

Hi Sergio,

Could you clarify what you mean?

We have always offered and continue to offer a free edition of PipeDraft for the posted version(s) of SketchUp. You can use the free edition without any trial time limits.

When you sign-up/sign-in, your account profile page displays two large buttons. The first button allows you to download the extension, the second button allows you to purchase a subscription to access additional content (more pipe specs, sizes, and fitting catalogs) and enable additional functionality.

Please let me know if there is something unique about your situation to help to clarify what you mean.


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