Milling Tools
Creates Dog-Bone fillets, extract 2D profiles from 3D parts for laser/CNC cutting
Milling Tools

Dog Bone Fillets

Based a request for a milling tool plugin: SketchUcation Thread

Creates Dog-Bone fillets on the faces you click on.

  • Use VCB to set tool radius.
  • Use VCB to set arc segment quality. ("8s" will make arcs based on circles with 8 segments)

The face clicked on should not be connected to any other faces or edges.

Part extraction for CNC/Laser cutting

Spurred from a thread from the SketchUp forum.

Extract Parts

Select a set of 3D parts, the faces on the ground plane of each instance will be extracted to a 2D profile.

Adjust Part Height

Adjust the thickness of the selected instance. It will move the faces of selected instances to the given height from the ground plane.

Set Ground Plane

A tool to pick the new ground plane for the given instance.

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