Large Image Splitter
Tool to split high-resolution images into smaller tiles that render sharply
Large Image Splitter

When you import high-resolution images into SketchUp, they are often displayed at a lower resolution and appear blurry. Enabling Preferences → OpenGL → Use maximum texture size only solves the problem to some degree depending on the capabilities of the graphics card.

This extension allows to split super-duper high-resolution images into tiles that render nicely and sharply. Finally you can read all details and draw precise lines on your plans.


  1. Import an image as Image entity.
  2. Select the image.
  3. Choose from the menu Extensions → Split large images
    or use the toolbar button.
  4. When prompted, choose the desired pixel width of the image tiles that your graphic card supports.
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Large Image Splitter (1.0.2); Luglio 26, 2018
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