Eneroth Upright Extruder
Extrudes a face along a path of edges similar to the native Follow Me but keeps the extrusion upright (or aligned to any other vector). Useful for stair railings, roads and railroads.
Eneroth Upright Extruder

Differences between this and native Follow Me

The Follow Me tool keeps the sides of the extrusion flat but rotates the profile around any axis to do so. This tool keeps the extrusion profile upright (or aligned to any other given vector) and twists the sides instead.

This means the top surface of the extrusion doesn't tilt sideways which makes it useful for stair railings, roads and railroads for instance.

To avoid unexpected results make the first edge of the path start at the profile face's plane and be perpendicular to it.


Upright Extrude

Extrude selected face along selected edges while keeping extrusion profile upright (or aligned to any other vector).

Set "Upright" Vector By Coordinates

Set the vector to align extrusion to by coordinates.

Set "Upright" Vector From Edge

Set the vector to align extrusion to from a selected edge.



Start by drawing the profile of the embankment. At the top edge, where the road should be, you can add short edges inside the long edge to form the lines drawn on the road.

Draw the path you want to extrude the profile along. You can use the line tool, arch tool, a bezier curve plugin or draw edges in any other way.

Select all these edges and the face and then run Upright Extrude.

To add street lights and other components along the path you can use a plugin like PathCopy.

Change log


First published release


Closed paths are now a lot more intuitive and consistent with Follow Me. Extrusion starts from the point along the path closest to the extrusion face and is no longer limited to start from corners.

Sides of the extrusion are now parallel instead of the profile of the corners having fixed width which looks better and is consistent with Follow Me (see last image).