Eneroth Townhouse System
Draw townhouses precisely after their plots no matter its shape. Can be used from anything to city planning to game making.
Eneroth Townhouse System

This plugin lets you easily draw townhouses to any plot shape and is especially useful for irregular medieval town centers where conventional copy-pasting of components won't work. It can be used for everything from city planning to game and film making.

For now the plugin is completely free. I plan to create a licensed version with some extra features especially useful or working with really large models but keep the main content free.

There are two toolbars in the plugin, one for using it to draw buildings and one for creating and editing templates used to draw buildings. There's also a menu by the name of the plugin under Extensions containing the content of the toolbars and additional entries for opening the template directory and showing the documentation for template editing.

Both tools in the plugin have custom instructors showing how they are used and instructions and shown in the status bar.


Sketchup 2015 or later.

On Windows IE 9 or later is needed to make the web dialogs work properly  (no matter what is set as your default browser).

Version History


First Beta Release


Second Beta release

Groups and components in templates can now use there naked edges to cut an opening in the building. This is especially useful for windows spanning several faces of the facade or bay windows that crosses the roof eave connects to both the wall and roof.

Buildings can now be drawn with their back side instead of front side along the specified path. This is useful for buildings with one side along the plot border and one side towards the yard. Right click in Add Building tool or Building Position tool to open menu where this can be changed.

The term "House" has been replaced with the term "Building" throughout the extension. With this comes some changes to the file and directory names. To keep old custom template move them from the old "house_templates" to new "building_templates" directory inside the plugin's directory. Also change the file extension from ".hsz" (house, zipped) to ".bldg" (building). The file format itself is the same and nothing within the file has to change.

Template preview thumbnails are improved to now always include the whole building.

Fixed toolbars not showing up after install.

Fixed end angle handels sometimes not showing.

Fixed problems with Gem installer sometimes not reacting despite Gem being successfully installed.


This release finally has some long planned features that are so important it can be called the first official release.

From building properties individual parts, e.g. windows can now be replaced, e.g. with doors. Now proper facades and not just uniform arrays of of facade elements can be made.

Support for special gable and corner parts has been added. For instance corner turrets can now be drawn.

There are 6 new templates and many of the old ones have ben updated to use the new replacement feature.

The rubyzip library has now been packed with the extension instead of being installed separately.


Fixed bug with plugin not loading on systems not using comma as decimal separator.


Fixed solid operations sometimes not functioning.

Added and updated diagrams describing paremeters for part positioning when editing templates.

Added reload button in template browser to make it easier to install new templates.

Fixed inconsistent text size in dialogs on highDPI displays.

Known issues and planned improvements

Better preview images

When saving a template the preview images have rather thick ugly lines. I may include an image library to automatically fix this in the furure. However, for now you can choose to create the images at a larger size and manually downsample them from Extensions > Eneroth Townhouse System > Template Editing > manually Downsample Previews. When this option is enabled you'll be asked to downsample the images yourself when saving a template.


I have some ideas about making a public documented API to let developers use this plugin to automatically generate cities.

Even more buildings!

The plugin starts to contain a quite fair number of templates but even more are planned. If you know any websites or books with scale drawings (most importantly elevations) of buildings of this typology, feel free to make suggestions!

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