Eneroth Texture Positioning Tools
Fast texture positioning on multiple faces. Align to faces' side. Align to given edge Rotate 90° clockwise or counter clockwise in one click. Rotate in custom angle. Get rid of patterns formed between faces.
Eneroth Texture Positioning Tools


All these commands work on multiple faces at once.

Align Texture

Align the textures of each selected face to an edge of that face. Useful for multiple faces at once. If you want to control what side to align to, use the next command instead.

Align Texture To Edge

Align the textures of all selected faces to a selected edge. Useful for irregular polygons when it's important what side of the polygon the texture is aligned to.

Rotate Counter Clockwise

Rotates the textures of all selected faces 90° counter clockwise in just one click. Useful for wooden floors to get the planks in the right direction for instance.

Rotate Clockwise

Rotates the textures of all selected faces 90° clockwise in just one click.

Rotate Custom Angle

Rotate the textures of all selected faces by any angle.


Randomly moves around the textures of all selected faces to get rid patterns between faces.


Spiral staircase

On a spiral staircase it might look good if the texture of each step is aligned to fit the step. First select all these faces. Click 'Align Texture' so the texture of each stair is aligned to the side, usually the outer edge of the spiral staircase since this normally is the one first drawn. Now all stairs should look identical which doesn't look very realistic. Use 'Depatternize' to fix this. Depending on your choice of material it might also be a good idea to rotate all textures by 90°.

Change Log


First Release

Merged 3 different plugins I've made, wrapped in extension and made texture aligning work for non-horizontal faces too.


Fixed small icons.


Fixed toolbar not showing up

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