Eneroth Relative Copy
Copy group or component relative to other group or component. Can be used for spiral staircases
Eneroth Relative Copy

This easy to use plugin lets you copy a group or component relative to a reference group or component. A typical use case is to  draw spiral staircases.

Activate from Extensions > Eneroth relative Copy or toolbar. Start by selecting a group or component to copy, then type in the number of copies and finally select a reference to copy relative to. When entering the number of copies a leading slash (/) can be used to place the copies in between the original and reference, similar to how native Move or Rotate Tool works.

There are two methods to generate the placements for the copies, relative (default) and linear, toggled between using Alt (Command on Mac). Relative is independent of where the local axes are placed (as long as they match in the original and reference) and usually creates circular or helical patterns. Linear is dependent of the group's/component's axes and places all copies' origins along a straight line. If the rotation between the original and reference is in the exact line that passes through the both origin points, e.g. when the origin is in the center of a spiral staircase, the result will be the same for both methods.

Known issues/limitations

When placing copies in between original and reference only linear placement is currently supported.

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