Eneroth Relative Camera
Precisely position camera relative to object.
Eneroth Relative Camera

This plugin memorizes the camera position relative to a group or component and can later recall it relative a group or component.

This can be used to set up several corresponding views, e.g. of different buildings, floors, apartments or cars. Just make sure they have corresponding axes placement.

The plugin can also be used to move the camera along with an object to retain the view of it when it is moved in the model. First memorize the camera, then move the object and then recall the camera. If you want to move several views, e.g. scenes, you can copy the object instead of moving it, and then memorize the views, one at a time, relative to the old object and then recall it relative the new object.

Activated from Context Menu > Eneroth Relative Camera.

Release History

1.0.0 (2017-10-14)
First Release

1.0.1 (2018-04-22)
Added support for projection and parallel projection camera height.

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Eneroth Relative Camera (1.1.0); Aprile 22, 2018
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