Eneroth Pipe
Create pipes from edges.
Eneroth Pipe

This plugin is designed to allow you to pipe (give a 3d thickness to) large amounts of edges, all at once. This allows for wire frame models to be 3D printed. Unlike some other plugins this isn't limited to just one contentious sequence of edges but can be used on a 3D network, such as a space frame. The plugin re-uses the same component definition for each pipe which decreases the file size and allows you to modify the cross section of the pipes at a later point. Lastly the plugin looks for sequences of co-linear edges and form long continuous pipes instead of individual short fragments.

Release Notes

1.0.1 (2018-09-21)

No longer disable command on Mac, as SketchUp for Mac fails to enable the control again.

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Eneroth Pipe (1.0.1); Settembre 21, 2018
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