Eneroth Material Area Counter
Show total areas for materials.
Eneroth Material Area Counter

This simple plugin counts the area used by the different materials in the model and shows them in a messagebox.

This extension can be seen as a SketchUp Ruby extension example. The original extension was written in June 2016 when I was much less experienced than I am today. Going through the commits and see how the code base has changed may be a helpful reference for your own extension development. The code can be used as a reference to better understand:

  •  the value of source control,
  •  the value of writing short, concise and re-usable methods (you may want to copy several methods straight into your own project),
  •  how the SketchUp model DOM can be iterated over,
  •  Vector3d cross and dot multiplication,
  •  Transformations and Transformation multiplication, and
  •  YARD documentation (though the syntax might be wrong, I'm quite new at this myself).

Source code available at GitHub.

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Eneroth Material Area Counter (1.1.0); Novembre 25, 2017
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