Eneroth Deep Make Unique
Make selected instances and all their children unique. Useful e.g. to keep a backup component as reference within the same model.
Eneroth Deep Make Unique

Deep Make Unique makes the selected components, along with all their children, unique. If the same component occurs multiple times within the selection only one new unique definition will be created and used for all instances, just as native Make Unique works.

One typical use case is to make copies and keep as backup snapshots of your current work within a working model. I often do this before doing a destructive operation, e.g. uniting re-occurring components into one object, to have quick access to a restore point. This work-flow can also be used for at a later point go back to a certain step and redraw from there, but with other parameters, e.g. draw the same staircase again but to another height.

Activated from Context Menu > Deep Make Unique.

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Eneroth Deep Make Unique (1.0.0); Novembre 16, 2017
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