Eneroth Decrease Component Number
Rename selected components to have the lowest possible number. E.g. MyComponent#14 -> MyComponent#2.
Eneroth Decrease Component Number

When copying components back and forth between models with changes made in between you easily end up with multiple components with similar names, e.g. Bed, Bed#1, Bed#2 etc. When  components are later deleted and purges there can be capos in the numbering and even miss the first name in the sequence. There can e.g. be a component named Bed#1 even if there is no component simply named Bed.

This plugin is used to lower the number at the end of component names to the lowest available number. If activated with a selection it only affects the selected components, otherwise the whole model.

Activated from Extensions > Eneroth Decrease Component Number.

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Eneroth Decrease Component Number (1.0.0); Ottobre 16, 2017
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