Eneroth Align Face
Align face to given plane. Useful when rotate, move or push pull doesn't work due to the connected faces.
Eneroth Align Face

This tool aligns faces to given planes. This is highly useful in a number of situations where native Move, Rotate or Push/Pull Tools don't work due to connected faces.

Activate the tool from Extensions > Eneroth Align face or its toolbar. Click a face to align and then click the face to align it to. You can hold down Shift to lock the orientation if you want the face to be plane-parallel to a certain face, e.g. keep its own orientation, but placed elsewhere.

You can also enter an exact dimension to offset the plane of the face. Each time you align a face to a plane-parallel plane, either by entering an exact distance or by picking a point in the model, the offset distance is memorized and can be re-used elsewhere by double clicking. To offset in opposite direction, hold Shift while double clicking.

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