Bitmap to Mesh
Generates a 2D or 3D mesh from a bitmap image.
Bitmap to Mesh

Generates 2D or 3D meshes from bitmaps.

From heightmaps you can easily generate terrains or any other surface.

Image entities can be converted into 2D pixel grids.

Note! Generates two triangles per pixel!
250x250 pixel image generates a mesh of ~125K faces! ( 250 * 250 * 2 )

Menus & Toolbars

  • Draw » Mesh From Heightmap
  • Context Menu » Mesh From Heightmap
  • Context Menu » Mesh From Bitmap


SketchUp 2018 or newer

  • All features

SketchUp 2014 to SketchUp 2017

  • No down-sampling of heightmaps.
  • Limited image formats supported.

SketchUp 2014 to SketchUp 2016

  • Degraded text display.

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