Architect Tools
Suite of tools for working with imported map data to generate buildings and stepped terrains.
Architect Tools

Selection of snippets I've written while working on DWG imported data. They are specially made for my workflow and is not always the most user friendly. Refer to the videos on how to use the tools.


  • Generate Buildings
  • Merge Solid Buildings
  • Fill Solid Holes
  • Select Non-Solids
  • Make 2:1 Road Profile
  • Move to Z
  • Contour Tool (For closing contour lines with open ends)
  • Extrude Up (For generating stepped terrain)
  • Project Down Tool
  • Magnet Tool
  • Move to Plane
  • Flatten Selection
  • Crop Selection to Boundary
  • Put Geometry on Layer0
  • Grid Divide

Menus & Toolbars

  • Plugins » Architect Tools
  • Toolbars » Architect Tools


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