2DXY SiteSurvey tools
Tools for drawing Site Surveys in SketchUp.
2DXY SiteSurvey tools

Tools for drawing Site Surveys in SketchUp.  

(Works in either SketchUp Make, Pro, Classic or Studio: versions 16 and later.)

All building projects start with a site survey: which defines the boundaries of one or more plots of land.

An accurate survey is crucial to determining the legal setbacks and coverages that limit building design.  

What you can do with this extension: 

1. Draw one or more land parcels from a legal description, surveyor's field notes or survey drawing.  Calculate property areas.  Use Feet or Meters. 

2. Each parcel is bounded by a series of straight bearings and/or arcs. 

3. Bearings may by one of two types:

  • Quadrant Bearings (angles always <90 degrees measured within the 4 quadrants: NE, NW, SE, SW) which are commonly used in North America.
  • Azimuth Bearings (angles <360 measured clockwise from North). 

4. Arcs sizes may be defined by radius and

  • Arc Length
  •  Chord Length or
  •  Center angle 

5. Arc orientation may be defined by:

  •  Bearing or Arc tangency
  •  Center Location or
  •  Chord Bearing 

6. Design any number of parcels in a subdivision. 

7. Convert an imported CAD file into a properly annotated survey drawing. (SketchUp PRO only) 

Full user Guide included.  Watch ALL the videos above for complete instruction covering advanced survey techniques.


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