SteelGen generates pipes and steel profiles extruding along linear entities


With SteelGen, you can:

  • Create a pipe with circular section extruding along a linear entity or arc.
  • Create a pipe with rectangular section extruding along a linear entity or arc.
  • Create a steel beam selecting the section profile from a great archive with all the ISO standard sizes.

Please go to for more information.


Create Pipe

Creates a pipe with circular or rectangular section. The command shows a window where you can select the circular or rectangular section. In function of the choose, fill the fields displayed with the section dimensions and then press OK. Then select the linear entities or arcs there to extrude the chosen profile.

Create Profile

Creates a steel profile with the selected section. The command shows a window where you can select the section you want from the tree list where are stored all the section of the ISO Standard. When you select an item the window shows the section preview. Then press OK and then select the linear entities or arcs there to extrude the chosen profile.

Get Weight

Gets the volume and weight of the selected pipe or profile.

Additional Information

I'm available to personalize my tools in according to particular customer requests.

For more information please go to my website or contact me at



Thank you

Se pueden crear perfiles propios? Can you create new profiles? thx

Does not work with Sketchup Pro 2018

Buenos días...
He realizado la DESCARGA... !!!! y no funciona !!!!!!
por favor pido ayuda....

Buenos dias...
He bajado la aplicación de Steel Sketch y la aplicación queda configurada en mi programa , pero no es operativo ???????

Mac Os, Please.
 Very simple and cool, the required functional.
Whether it is possible to force to work on the mac?

Ritratto di TutorialeSketchup E

Muchas gracias,veo que está actualizado lo probaré en sketchup 2016. Saludos.

actualizen para sketchup 2016 urge

thank you

2017 için güncelleme yapabilirmisiniz
birde köşebent-lama-silme gibi malzemlerde ekleyeblirmisiniz

Ritratto di Roberto G

Thanks Ramazan. I already find how to open "boxes"... Was a really easy thing to solve but I don't use offen this part of the program. I appreciate your time and help.

Ritratto di Roberto G

I closed the window and now I can't open it again. I uninstall and install again and still unable to see the box control of this extension. Please let me know how I can get again the box control in my screen.

very good extension

2016 Please! Shows up on the tool bar but will not launch.

Por favor, atualizem para a a versão do SketchUp 2016!

steel sketch has stopped working in 2015 anyone had the same problem

we need 2016 come on guys please update this to keep sketch up one of the easiest and flexible software

Ritratto di Jay V.

I use this A LOT, saves loads of time on drawing tubes and rotating them plus does great work with quick steel sketches.

Please make compatible for 2016 - 2017.

Ritratto di Marcelo U

Hi, I had the same problem...
So... just do the geom on skp2015. copy + paste
I know that's not THE solution... but it works ;-)


Ritratto di Marcelo U

geometry (the objects)

Ritratto di Arq. Rafael L

don't work in 2016 sketchup the dialog box appears on the menu

Ritratto di Phounsavath M.

Very good,

Ritratto di Bernard N


Quel souci WareHouse impossible de le faire fonctionner .
Il reclamme mise a jour d' internet, qui fonctionne bien"depuis ce 5 Avril etant avec le cable "
Cet incident permet de prendre conscience , que l'on s'habitue tres bien au confort
Je viens en cet occasion exprimer ma reconnaissance et merci pour ceux qui consacre du temps a nous fournir des logiciels de qualite
Merci a tous

Bernard Nival

Ritratto di bora b

not working in 2015 for mac

Ritratto di Domenico C.

It go in 2015 version but not in 2016.

Ritratto di odraiva ..

not work in 2016

Ritratto di Peter L.

Does not work in SU Make '15 Mac.

Ritratto di 창식 고.

2016 sketchup error.

Ritratto di Correio D.

In 2015 nothing appears

Ritratto di diane a

dosn't seem to work in 2015

Ritratto di Maris P

This extension do not work in Sketchup 2015 for Mac

Ritratto di ethan f

pipe dialog disappeared after first use? not found in extensions, but visibly checked in the preference menu.

win 7 skp pro 2015

Ritratto di Sketchup Master

Rectangular mode not working in inches . . . . . . .

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