V-Ray Tools²
Suite of tools to aid working with V-Ray for SketchUp.
V-Ray Tools²

Not compatible with VfSU 3.4

This extension was developed to remedy some of the short-comings of the older VfSU versions. As of VfSU v3.4 this extension should not be needed any more.


Despite this plugin was meant to work with V-Ray for SketchUp it is not required to have V-Ray for SketchUp installed. There are several functions which might be of general use.

General Functions

  • Safe Frame and 2D Export. Set safe frames and export 2D images the respect the safe-frame region. Also offer the option of exporting with transparent background.
  • Distance Probe. Measure the distance from the camera to any point the model.
  • Recreate Scene. Tries to recreate the current scene into a new one. Made to work around issues with V-Ray and PhotoMatch scenes. Doesn't always work correctly.

V-Ray for SketchUp Functions

  • Load V-Ray for SketchUp on demand. Disable the VfSU extension and use the Load V-Ray toolbar button to load V-Ray when you need it.
  • Use Selected Material as User Override.
  • Purge V-Ray Materials. Removes all V-Ray properties from the materials.
  • Purge V-Ray Settings and Materials.
  • Purge All V-Ray Data

Menus & Toolbars

  • View » Toolbars » V-Ray Tools²
  • Plugins » V-Ray Tools²
  • Face with Material » V-Ray Tools²


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