Calculate how much faces are in the sun over the year.

SunHours lets you fit a grid of desired density to any face or surface and then run an analysis on that grid that determines the amount of time that each point on the grid is in sunlight over the year, at the dates and times desired. The output is displayed as a coloring of the grid (which can also be customized) and can be exported as a CSV file.

To fit a grid to a face, select the face and click on Plugins > SunHours > Fit grid.
To analyse a grid, select it and click on Plugins > SunHours > Calculate sunlight hours

Detailed, up to date documentation can be found at

For bug reports or questions, email

Several Windows users have reported that the plugin causes Sketchup to crash completely when they perform any kind of analysis. Currently the recommended fix for this problem is the following sequence of steps:

Windows > Preferences > OpenGL Settings > Disable hardware acceleration (tick the box)

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