OpenCutList is an extension designed for automating the generation of cut lists and cutting diagrams for woodworking projects.

This extension takes the current selection or the entire scene if nothing is selected and produces a list of parts with quantities and sizes. The extension organizes the parts by material attributes with several sorting options.

  • The cut list can manage Solid Woods, Sheet Goods and Dimensionals.
  • You can directly print the "cut list" from the part list dialog or export it as a CSV file.
  • Cutting Diagrams can be generated from Sheet Goods parts.

The development of this extension is linked to the Community Driven sharing plateform project : L'Air du Bois. This extension is Open Source as well and available under GNU GPLv3 license on GitHub.

Caution : Update from the Extension Manager dialog in Sketchup do not work for 1.4.0. You need to uninstall the older version first. 

New from 1.5.0 :

  • Cutting Diagrams for parts with material of type Sheet good

New from 1.4.0 :

  • New material type : Dimensional
  • Highlight a part in the model directly from part list

New from 1.3.0 :

  • Extension now supports resized components instances
  • Works better with Dynamic Components


Portrait de Chad P

I really like this extension but I am new to it and trying to figure out how to stop the Cutting Diagram function from rotating my parts for the diagram to optimize the material. My materials are grain dependent and I need to be able to control what direction they lay on the panel. Advice?

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Nice if you like this extension.
The grain attribute is configurable in the material properties itself. Go to the Materials tab and select your material and if your material is type of Panel, you can see the Grain field.


I just installed OpenCutList and it really works very nice! One thing might help me a lot - manual change of parts count (e.g. if you need to make 20 wardrobes but you don`t want to draw all of them in SU - would be nice to draw just one and put manually the count of parts in CutList).

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Hi, Petr,

Do you speak about a global multiplicator of part count for the entire part list ?


yes, it`s probably what I mean - normally you get a part list automatically out of the selection or entire model. But it would be helpful if you can change the amount of each part manually or even add some additional parts to the part list.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

This would be quite strange. The main goal of this plugin is to generate an automatic cutlist that correspond to the model. It would be strange or a complexe thing to mix it with the capability to edit the cutlist. Because each time to click on "Generate" button every thing can change and custom item will disappear ...

OK, you`re right - it is really very complex thing to edit the parts list manually.
But at least a multiplication factor for the whole parts list might be an easy thing, isn`t it?

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Currently the easiest way to do this is to duplicate your components on the scene. And this took only few secondes to do with the move tool.

You're definitely right - it is not that difficult to do it this way - thanks for your advice and many many thanks for your great job!!

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Yes, but it may be a dangerous parameter. If you forgot to reset it to 1, you can have a wrong cutlit.

Portrait de Vladan

Simple and well designed UI. Productive in minutes!
The best cutlist plugin ever, and I've tried them all in last 5 years.

Only if it could support edge banding, it would be complete-perfect.
Thanks anyway!

Portrait de Marco S

Hello, I can't find anywhere the "Sheet good" material to generate the cutting diagram ; couldn't the extension work with any material ?

Thank you


Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Hi Marco,

First, you need to apply a material on your components that you want to be listed as sheet good part.
Second, open the plugin an go to the Materials tab. Click on the material to edit its properties.
Third, select the Material Type to Sheet Goods and press Validate.

Now you can go to the Part List tab and generate the part list. You will see the Cutting diagram button on to of each sheet good parts groups.

Portrait de jerome T.

Great job as usual !
Powerful and easy to use, I love it !

In SU 2018 on Windows I created components, specified materials, selected all components, then ran the extension, but no parts list is generated. Instead I get the error message, "No instance of a visible component was detected in your selection." Is this a glitch or user error?

Portrait de Galin G

the instances are coponents or groups? SU2018 allow to name the groups, but I have no idea how the plugin extract them in xls.
Now I'm workin on my first project on SU2018, I will check this questions when i'm going to make the summery of materials. Will reply you soon.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

The plugin doesn't treat groups as part. It's a choice because component is a the natural Sketchup représentation of a part that can be place multiple times on the scene.

To create a component, juste use the "Make component..." action in the "Edit" menu.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Hi Alvin,

Are you sure you create components and not just groups ?

Thank you, good plugin!
But, when the apply button is pressed, the material properties are not updated. Windows 10 / Sketchup 2018.
Would it be possible to add the ability to use the keyword to calculate the quantity of furniture parts (hinges, screws, supports). For example, if the component name is the word "part".
Also, please add the option to lock the orintation to the material properties.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois


Thanks for your feedbacks.

What do you mean by "material properties are not updated" ?

> Would it be possible to add the ability to use the keyword to calculate the quantity of furniture parts (hinges, screws, supports)

Why not just apply a special material to your furnitures ?

> Also, please add the option to lock the orintation to the material properties.

Could you explain in what case this would be useful ?

>What do you mean by "material properties are not updated" ?

When special symbols are used in the material name, i.e. [ ] { } / +. Update bug.

> Why not just apply a special material to your furnitures?

Furniture fittings can consist of several components, for example a furniture hinge. And in the lists of parts everything is divided into parts.

> Could you explain in what case this would be useful ?

Sheet materials with a wooden texture, for example, by default should have a texture direction in the parts list.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

> When special symbols are used in the material name, i.e. [ ] { } / +. Update bug.

Arg, it works on SU 2017. Could you please send me the ruby console trace of the error by email :

> Furniture fittings can consist of several components

Could you please send me a sample fourniture component by email ?

> Sheet materials with a wooden texture, for example, by default should have a texture direction in the parts list.

Why not to turn the option on in global options in this case ?

Portrait de Galin G

comment je peux changer la langue et je peux traduir le plugin?

Portrait de L'Air du Bois


Le plugin détecte la langue de Sketchup et utilise la même.
Si Sketchup n'est ni en français, ni en allemand, il utilisera l'anglais.

Donc pour avoir le plugin en français, il faut avoir Sketchup en français ;)

Portrait de Galin G

Mon problème, c'est que mes ouvriers parlent que bulgare :)))
Avec le plugin Cutlist, je devais traduire tous les tableaux en Excel manuellement chaque fois. Je pensais que avec ce-ci je peux le faire automatiqument.
Je viens de demarrer une société pour la construction des maison en bois en Bulgarie et donc j'ai plusieurs tableaux avec milles pièces comme débit.
C'est moi qui fait l'architecture, les structures (génie civil) et l'execution de chantier. Je pensais que je peux gagner en peu de temps si c'est deja traduit.
Je suis ingénieur GC et je comprends en peu de C++ et HTML, et une petite notion de ruby. Je veux bien vous aider à ce projet.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

L'aide est toujours la bienvenue ;)

Les titres de colonne sont noyés dans les fichiers de traduction.
Et ces fichiers sont ici :

Mais par contre, comme Sketchup n'existe pas en blugare, il va jamais utiliser cette langue ... faudra changer le système de langue alors ...

Si tu veux cet ajout que pour ton usage perso, il faut recompiler le plugin en changeant les textes dans les i18n.
Pour recompiler, la procédure est ici :

Portrait de Galin G

Je vais te contacter bientot quand j'ai du temps le commencer. Mais franchement, je pense y faire.
Merci pour la cooperation.

Thanks for your great job ! PERFECT :)

Portrait de Gildas B

congratulations for correctly calculating items whose scale has been modified

Excellent Plugin!
Beau boulot! Simple, précis et (relativement) facile d'utilisation! Merci beaucoup!

Portrait de Cray B

Very usefull extension, with good calculation capabilities and friendly interface. This plugin make me avoiding to waste material every week.

I must add that developper listen and take care about users questions and request.

Thank you for this fine work !

Extension bien pratique et développeur à l'écoute des retours.
Perso, je ne démarre plus rien sans arriver avec ma fiche de débit dans l'atelier !

Do not use!!!....This extension miscalculations and has cost me over $200 on wasted material due to incorrect measurements.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Hi Trevor,

Bad news for you, but could you explain your problem ? $200 of extra material of what, in what condition, what kind of project, ... ?
It could be a misunderstood usage of this tool.

This tool is given to you as a Free and Open Source software. The goal is not to give you wrong data.
Feedbacks are important to have a tool the fit larger needs...

Portrait de Patryk G

I did around 50 wardrobes using this plugin without any problems. The only problem is with sketchup texture name, sketchup component can have two texture names in one component . For example on faces and component seperate . If you change material on the faces you still have name of the old material on the component and this plug-in will show you just component material name.

You just need to learn how to use it.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Hi Patryck G,

Yes, this may be a problem in your case, but this is a choice that I did during the development. The material defined on component as priority on materials defined in inner faces.

This is a needed choice. Because like this you can change the material from the component itself in the part list. Else you can't.

But if the component has NO defined material, the extension uses the most used material in component inner faces.

I understand that this is not exactly what you see on the scene, but I this is the simplest way to solve an unsolvable problem.


Yeah...let's quickly dismiss it under training, it makes a lot of sense.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Trevor, write your own extension and that all !!!!

I can only get this to work on the very first time I run it after starting Sketchup. When I try it the 2nd time, it gives me a empty dialog box with just the name and version (1.2.2) of the app in the top left corner? It does the same thing on SU 2017 and 2018. Any ideas?

I was running SU Pro 2018 with the plugin and it was working. After my trial ended, I deinstalled and went back to SU2017. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

I'll have to go back to Cutlist if I can't get this to work.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Hi John,

Strange issue ...
This plugin was develop on SU 2017 then as far as I know it works on SU 2017 (and 2018).
To understand your issue I need more details. Could you please launch the "Ruby Console" before launching the plugin and say me if there's an error displayed on it ?
Else, what is your operating system ? Windows ? MacOS ?


Portrait de Hrvoje h

Is it possible to get the Description of the component from component info window-> name property and not from entity info window-> definition property? Because I have dynamic cabinets and names are automaticly generated. For example, I have dynamic cabinet and I set it to 300mm width. Then all parts are named accordingly (cabinet 30 floor, cabinet 30 side panel and so on).

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Hi, I understand your problem, but using the instance name instead of the definition name of a component is not as simple as it seems to be.
A different name could be defined on each instance, then in this case how to determine that part are the same or different ?
Currently part are grouped by their definition. Then the only common name is the definition name.

Portrait de Hrvoje h

I know, but definition name has to be entered manualy. If I have a cabinet that is 30cm width, and I resize it to 50cm, the definition name stays the same and I have to manually change name for every part (have to replace 30 with 50). In that cabinet, there are two side panels, they are 2 pieces of one component, so cutlist shows 2 pieces, so if dimensions are the same, the name should be the same. Is it possible that you add a column that gets/shows component info name also?

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Can you check last update (1.3.0) and watch if it correspond to your need ?

Portrait de Hrvoje h

Still the same.
so, this is a picture of what is my problem
I have a group thaht consists of components and that is dynamic component that has some options (in component options window) that I can edit like cabinet width (sirina elementa in my language, also marked with number 1), number of fronts, cabinet width, height.
In component attributes window, in the name part, you can see, the names are "donji element 62" and "donji element 62 fronta,s4k". The number 62 is automatically added from cabinet width thaht is entered by user. Is there any way you can add additional column for that component info name?

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Hi, I'm not sure to understand your problem.
The extension shows Definition Name AND Instance Name for each part in the cutlist.

Could you please give me a link to a sample .skp file of your problem ?

Portrait de Hrvoje h

this is link to a cabinet file
when you open a file, right click cabinet and select dynamic components at the bottom and then turn on component options and component attributes.
If you look at the cabinet component info in attributes windows and double click it's name, you will see that it is generated from word cabinet and variable lenx which is cabinet width that I can enter manually in cabinet options window. If I change that number in component options window to 70cm, component name is automatically changed to cabinet 70.
Same thing for a shelf, but I have a formula that says which side needs edging, and that is also generated from a formula.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

Ok, and the problem is that the custom name is not apply on the resized instances ?
As I can see, this is not a problem from OpenCutList, because the component name do not change in the structure panel too.

Portrait de Hrvoje h

I'm asking if you can export that field also to opencutlist and add it to another column? I can't find a way to copy that name to component definition or instance field.

Portrait de L'Air du Bois

The dynamic component Name attribute is designed by trimble and hide by the dynamic component logic. I don't know why this field is not used to change the instance name. Mais using this field in OpenCutList is not good general solution for all users. And reading this field on each part would be quite heavy for huge models.

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