Eneroth View Scale
Manage view scale in SketchUp. Set layer visibility depending detail level and precisely apply scale to screen.
Eneroth View Scale

Eneroth View Scale handles the scale on the computer screen by precisely adjusting the camera, and the level of detail by controlling visibility of specific scale layers.

This is a game changer for working on a computer screens as it for the first time (what I know of) allows you to see your work at a scale you are used to from paper drawings, thus gain a much better and more intuitive understanding of the size of what you draw. Without measuring you can see how large a space is and what it can be used for.

The extension is designed to be transparent; the scale interval a layer represents is shown in its name rather than as a hidden attribute. The extension also creates models that can be opened and worked on on machines without the extension installed, and can be used with LayOut.

View Scale

Opened from Extensions > Eneroth View Scale > View Scale.

Sets the scale of the view, both controlling visibility of scale specific layers and optionally make the scale apply to computer screen itself by setting the camera.

Object Scale

Opened from Extensions > Eneroth View Scale > Object Scale.

Sets the scale interval an object should be visible within, e.g. 1:100 to 1:200. To have the object shown at all scales larger than a given scale, leave the first field blank. To have the object shown at all scales smaller than a given scale, leave the second field blank. To have the object shown at only one specific scale, enter it in both fields. To disassociate the object with scales (show it regardless of view scale) set both fields to blank.

To avoid having two differently detailed versions of an object, both shown at the same scale, or to have gaps where no version is shown, make the left bound inclusive and the right exclusive and make the left boundary for one object match the right boundary for the other.

First Use/Calibrate

To get accurate scaling on your computer screen, calibrate Eneroth view Scale by opening Extensions > Eneroth View Scale > Calibrate and enter the with of the SketchUp viewport measured with a ruler. A magnifying glass can be used to read the value more precisely.

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