Eneroth Slicer
Slice entities in two using section plane.
Eneroth Slicer

This plugins slices all entities in the currently opened drawing context using a section plane and separate the geometry into two groups.

This can be used both to create section drawings of building, and to use the Section Plane Tool as a modeling tool for creating volumes.

This is a quite simple little plugin that directly modifies the geometry. If you want to display cut surfaces without altering what is being cut, want to have numerous views with different section cuts in the same model or want control over cut surface appearance I would recommend using Skalp.

The plugin is called from Right click > Slice on Section Planes or from Extensions > Eneroth Slicer with a Sectin Plane activated.

If the 14 day trial license does or does not work, you are welcome to comment here and tell me. I'm still figuring out whether the licensing API of SketchUp actually works.

Known Limitations

There are some stability issues and unexpected results related to slicing in the plane of a face. For expected results, avoid placing the section plane exactly at a face.

Release Notes

1.0.2 (2018-09-21)

No longer disable command on Mac, as SketchUp for Mac fails to enable the control again.

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