Eneroth Material Memory
Cycle last used materials with a keystroke.
Eneroth Material Memory

Cycle last used materials with a keystroke.

Similarly to how pressing Alt+Tab in Windows lets you cycle through the open windows this plugin lets you cycle through the last used materials.By using a shortcut of at least two keys the material stack shows up on the screen.Press the last key repeatedly to keep cycling.You can change the scaling and stack size from "Extensions > Eneroth Material Memory > Settings...".

It's important that you follow these setup steps for the Extension to work as intended.

1. Install the Extension
2. Set up a shortcut consisting of at least one modifier key (Ctrl, Alt etc) and a normal key to "Extensions > Eneroth Material Memory > Cycle Materials". I use Ctrl+B.
3. Optionally, set up the a similar shortcut, but also including Shift to "Extensions > Eneroth Material Memory > Cycle Materials Backwards". I use Ctrl+Shift+B.
4. If the modifier key you have chosen is something other than Ctrl (or Command on Mac), go to "Extensions > Eneroth Material Memory > Set Modifier Key..." and chose the key from the drop down menu. You can also enter keycodes manually.

This extension is specifically designed to be triggered by a shortcut and not from the menu. The material stack is closed and Paint Bucket Tool activated once you release the modifier key, which is why the extension needs to know what modifier key you are using for the shortcut(s).


The Extension cannot show previews of textures. The SketchUp API doesn't allow this. Instead a schematic preview with a checker pattern is used for all materials with textures (install the trial to test for yourself what it looks like).

Materials are only added to the stack if they exist in the model. Simply clicking some different materials in the material browser wont added them to the stack. To add a material from the library to the stack, you need to paint it onto the model somewhere, e.g. to a temporary face.

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