Eneroth Extended Deletion
Deletes both the selection and all its bounding edges that doesn't bind anything else.
Eneroth Extended Deletion

When you select a face and press delete the face is gone but the edges stays. Sometimes this is the intention but sometimes you don't want any free standing edges. If you double click the the face both it and its bounding edges are selected but if any of the bounding edges binds another face it will too be destroyed when the edge is deleted. Therefore I created this small plugin to easier and faster remove faces  without getting free standing edges.

It is recommended to manually set up a shortcut for this plugin so it can be used faster. On windows open Windows > Preferences > Shortcuts. Start writing Edit/Delete With Bounding Edges in filter and select it in the list when you see it. Select the shortcut input and select a shortcut. Delete cannot be used in shortcuts but I'm using ctrl+E (as in erase). Click the plus button to assign the shortcut and then click OK.

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