Eneroth Component Replacer
Swiftly pick up any component and replace others with it.
Eneroth Component Replacer

Swiftly pick up any component or group and replace others with it. Useful for architectural design when you need to replace many components at once, e.g. try out how the building looks with another kind of windows or to quickly replace lots of furniture. Also useful for rendering to replace proxies with more detailed components.

Note that you can pick a source component in one drawing context, deactivate the tool and navigate to another drawing context, and then replace components there using your previously selected source. To at any time pick a new source, simply press Alt.

By default the replaced components keep their axes (placement and scaling), e.g. a big table replacing a small table will have the size of the big table. Optionally you can instead chose to keep the bounds, i.e. resize the replacement to match what it replaces, by tapping Tab.

Activate from Extensions > Eneroth Component Replacer or the toolbar.

Modifier keys

Alt/Command = Pick new source to replace with.
Ctrl/Option = Replace all similar components in active context.
Shift = Replace all similar components throughout model.
Tab = Toggle keep bounds.

If you forget the modifier keys you can also see them in the Instructor.

Potential Issues

When used on components with badly positioned axes the components may get located in unexpected places. To correct axes of components you can use ThomThom's Axes Tools. Often the mosts suitable origin location is at the bottom center; this way you can swap components and keep an expected placement even if the components differ in size.

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