Eneroth Align View
Align camera to face while retaining its position.
Eneroth Align View

This plugin lets you pick a plane to align the camera to without having to open umpteen groups and components to reach the context menu of an individual face. It also, by default, aligns the view without changing the camera's position (similar to how Look Around Tool functions) which is useful when you only want to make slight adjustments to the camera. Optionally you can press Alt to center the view on the clicked point. This can be useful when making larger changes to the camera as it allows you to look in a very different direction while retaining the clicked face in view (a bit similar to how Orbit Tool functions).

The plugin can also be used to create a top view that lines up with the previous view instead of the model axes. This can be used to align floor plans with angled buildings.

Activate from Extensions > Eneroth Align View.

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