{{ $t('Protect Your Extensions') }}

{{ $t('We are working hard to help protect your extension.') }}
{{ $t('Sign and encrypt your extension to obtain a security certificate.') }}

{{ $t('Apply to be a Developer') }}

{{ $t(/** Legacy in this case refers to extensions that are compatible with much older versions of SketchUp, legacy compatibility. */ 'Legacy') }} (.rbs)

{{ $t('SketchUp 2015 + earlier')}}

{{ $t('The scrambled file format for 2015 and earlier is known to have been cracked. It is still the easiest way to protect your IP from casual users, but it is not considered to be a very strong encryption.') }}

{{ $t(/** The best option */ 'Best') }} (.rbe)

{{ $t('SketchUp 2016 + later')}}

{{ $t('Please note that if you encrypt only for 2016 and newer versions, we will only include .rbe files and your extension will therefore not be compatible with SketchUp 2015.') }}

{{ $t(/** The recommended signing option */ 'Recommended')}}

{{ $t(/** Refers to both signing options */ 'Both') }}

{{ $t('Legacy and Best')}}

{{ $t('Encrypt for both the old .rbs file type and the new .rbe file type to maintain backward compatibility.') }}