Generate Surfaces from curves by Lofting and Skinning

Curviloft is a script dedicated to Loft and Skinning, that is, generation of surfaces from contours.

  • Loft by Spline joins separate contours, open or closed, by smooth splines
  • Loft along Path joins contours, along a given rail curve.
  • Skinning create surfaces bounded by 4 or 3 contiguous contours



You can get more information and documentation on the Home Page for Curviloft on Sketchucation.



IMPORTANT: Requires you also install LibFredo6.



Curviloft, like my other plugins, is hosted on Sketchucation. Sketchucation is a Community site entirely dedicated to Sketchup. It includes an ExtensionStore of 800+ plugins, as well as a quite rich Discussion Forum about Sketchup and a Gallery. Registering on Sketchucation is FREE.


IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH LIBFREDO6 INSTALLATION OR WITH SKETCHUCATION, it is advised to watch the video "LibFredo6 Installation".