The CADspan plugin allows SketchUp users to generate 3D Printable STL files without the headache.

The CADspan plugin is a set of tools to help you make your SketchUp model 3D Printable.  There is a tool to help organize your layers to seperate sections for printing, a tool to help Unsmooth the model, so that you can adjust curved faces as necessary, a Calculator to help you plan for tolerances on your model at your desired 3D Print scale, a visualizer to help find holes in your model and last, but not least, the CADspan engine to resurface your model on the cloud, providing you a single, water tight, solid STL file for 3D Printing.


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FAQ based upon early user feedback-

When I upload a file where does it go?

-Uploaded files are loaded to the Amazon Cloud Server for processing and can be downloaded when complete.  LGM does not have any access to your files.

Can I export an STL from the CADspan plugin?

-Yes, there are two ways of accomplishing this.  You can export a draw STL if you are certain that your model is water tight and printable, or you can upload and process your model.  If you process your model, CADspan will remove all of your interior geometry and provide you with a single, water tight, exterior shell as a STL file.

CADspan Crashed, why?

-CADspan does not actually crash, but it was unable to provide an appropriate solution to your geometry, based upon your settings.  This either means you have a large hole somewhere, or your small hole was too large to patch based upon your resolution settings.  Try a lower resolution and higher gap fill until you are provided with a solution.   A low Resolution/High Gap fill solution may look perfectly fine to you.

I love CADspan, how can I help to make it better?

-Provide feedback, both good and bad.  IF you really love it, sign up for CADspan PRO to help future development efforts, and enjoy faster processing of your files.

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