I'm an alright guy. I like short walks on the beach, usually to the water…I really like to swim. More than swimming, I like Scuba diving. I've owned my own business in Landscape design an build for 13 yrs, and love it. I have a beautiful Wife and a brand new baby boy - I also have a dog named Ron. He's pretty awesome, and also likes to swim. I really enjoy using sketchup to build just about anything from wood working projects, my dream house, my clients houses (even though I don't really need to, it just looks better in a finished model to have their house in it) and just about anything else I need to visualize. I'm a really visual person. I've recently, for fun, modeled the entire inside and outside of my house rigth down to the trim and landscaping…It's a large model…Oh, I have a hard time sitting still for too long. That's me in a nut shell.
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