Amazing Firefox Extensions: Improve your Productivity with Amazing Firefox Extensions Firefox, the best browser for many people including me. Firefox has a lots of extensions. These extensions can be used to bookmark your favorite web pages, to use Google Notebook easily, to increase the browser's display size, to enhance Google's search etc. All these extensions have a great value. So, do you need to install all the extensions? Surely, not. To me, the following extensions are the best extensions for any user. At first, you may think it's a gossip. But install them just once and find out whether they are necessary or not! If you think they are not necessary, you may uninstall them later. OK...See the best extensions of Firefox. Just keep reading... Zooming browser's display with Tiny Menu Tiny Menu replaces the standard menu bar with a tiny menu pop-up. If you install it then the menu will contain File, Edit, View etc. entities into one menu item. All of the items can be displayed as text or as one icon. This extension is very useful if you want to increase your display window of your browser. Bookmarking with GBokmarks: GBookmarks is actually referred as GBookmarks (Google Bookmarks for Firefox). You can use it to create a menu to access Google bookmarks form any computer. But before using it, you must have a Google Account. To use this extension, you need to install this after installing Firefox. By using it you can import or add Firefox Bookmarks to Google Bookmarks, you can also add Context Menu buttons. Speed up downloading with DownThemAll DownThemAll is an extra optional fast, reliable, easy-to-use extension of Firefox which could use only for downloading purposes only. Actually it's a download manager/accelerator which is built inside Firefox. It can increase download speed up to 400% and also allows to pause and resume downloads at any time. Enhance searching through CustomizeGoogle CustomizeGoogle is another Firefox extension. By adding extra information, it enhances Google search results. It is also capable of removing unwanted information like different type of ads and spams. This is an optional extension and easy to configure. Throughout this page, I mentioned only the most useful extensions according my opinions. I found them really amazing. But there are lots of extensions of Firefox. You may find them useful for various purposes. Tell your favorite productivity-enhancing Firefox extension in the comments section.
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