I love architecture and using Trimble Sketchup and Layout. Introduction I have been an architect for over 20 years, graduated from University of Tennessee in 1991. I have been using ACAD, Photoshop, Illustrator and other programs for years, but when I first discovered Sketchup I fell in Love LOL. Even to this day I am amazed at what Sketchup will do and can do and I am committed to pushing the program to do as much as it can and use it to illustrate my architecture, either here at The Evans Group or on my own for Sketchup Orlando. No project is too big or too small. I love bringing a design to life from any concept, and I believe Trimble Sketchup is the easiest way of doing that. After modeling a project, I will give the 3D model to the client and even give a quick lesson as to how to look at their model in the FREE version of Sketchup called Sketchup Make. So call me if you need a Sketchup Model for a presentation? My rates are reasonable and I am committed to getting a project done to meet any schedule or budget. So checkout my work here or on my website at www.sketchuporlando.com I also have a Modern Rustic CABIN page on Google+. I love the outdoors too, so I am working on some CABIN ideas here. Thanks for your support. Darryl Sketchup Orlando
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