The free SketchUp extension Sedus Sketch allows you to download individually configured Sedus seating and office furniture products. This new extension supports several SketchUp versions.
Adding doors, windows and frames-fully customizable- to your model in just seconds!
Intelligent snapping and detailed part list with price
Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for artists, designers and landscape architects
Generate Surfaces from curves by Lofting and Skinning
Plugin for architectural drawing
Design your terrain with simple ridge and valley lines. Standard SU interface-- lines and Bezier.
Crea infissi civili parametrici di forma regolare (rettangolare) con telaio, anta, vetro, maniglia, arpioni, cornice di finitura e stecche orizzontali e verticali.
Tools for making and editing FlatText and FlatLeader objects.
Free tools for making Flat Text and Flat Leader objects