Wire Tool
A tool to draw catenary curves.
Wire Tool

This tool allows to draw physically accurate wires and ropes (catenary curves) between two points with only two clicks.


(Menu) 'Plugins' 'Draw Wires'

  • Type a number + s to change the number of curve segments:
  • Type a number + % to set an arc length (relative to the distance between source and target point):
  • Type a length to set a fixed arc length:


Hi There;

I am new to Sketchup, this tool is what I was looking in order to finalize drawing a transmission line; however, I am not able to make it work... I am sure I am missing something here, can someone help me?
I need to understand what are the steps and why, so I could replicate it successfully.


Michał P's picture

One of my favorite plugins.

Graphite's picture

This is such an excellent, easy to use extension, so thank you for making it.

It gets even better when you realise that when combined with the Make Taper tool can simply select the line and use it to create a 3D wire.


Cameron T's picture

What I find frustrating about this tool, is that you can't change the height of the curve.

Michael P's picture

I like the way this works, very useful.
But what I would like to have added would be the ability to change the size (thickness of wire)
and the ability to change the Color of the wire. Then it would be truly useful for representing actual wires.
Thank you for your efforts.

هشام ب.'s picture

Unfortunately, it's not compatible with Sketchup 2016.

Amine S.'s picture

i have sketchup 2016 and it's working perfectly

    Aviv Z.'s picture

is it compatible with su 2016

Christopher C's picture

It's light on the UI but works as advertised on WinXP running Sketchup 2015. Maybe add the ability to enter negative numbers? Thanks!

Shundahai F.'s picture

Hello, new to SU, does this work on v15, and how do you access it once it is downloaded?
thank you

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i love it! works great..

Jez S's picture

Anyone using it with SketchUp 2014 on a mac? Says it could be unstable.

Michael C's picture

I'm using sketchup2014 on windows computer and this extension seems to work as described.

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Can you modify the thickness of the wire line?

Nick N's picture

Does it show up in a rendering as a 3d object?

Adriana Gabriela C's picture

Can I use it with sketchup 8 PRO?

Aerilius's picture

Yes, definitely! If it's compatible with SketchUp 8, it will also work with SketchUp 8 Pro.

francisco javier H's picture

I cant install in SketchUp 8 Pro
how can I do?

Aerilius's picture

How are you trying/doing to install, and how do you come the conclusion you can't?

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great tool

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Great extension. It would be even better if it supports catenary creation based on 3 points (selecting the first point, selecting the second point and then selecting the lowest point, thus having the cable length calculated dynamically).


thank you!

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I will be using this a lot! Can't believe I've used normal archs for such a long time.

It's surprisingly fun to draw wires on everything. Makes me feel like Spiderman! ;)

This made my day! XD!!

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