Window Maker
A tool for creating parametric double-hung and slider windows.
Window Maker

Once installed, "Windows" appears as an item in the Tools menu. Select it and follow the prompts.


so simple

Nice and simple - maybe a little too simple? Really needs an option for non-operating window, and not having to add glass would be nice.

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This is not really great if you are trying to build a model that looks realistic. You have to add a lot of your own details to the windows, such as glass, grilles, sills, etc. Also, the whole window attaches to the face of the wall. It does not attach to the wall the way a real window would in a building. By the time you add a window, then have to make all of the modifications needed to make it actually look realistic, you might as well just build your own library of windows.

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no glassssssssss

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thats cool mate

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Nice toll for basic modelling. Thanx :)

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nice profile picture bruhhh

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Nice but poor...with at list 20 to 50 window models it will be nice..
This one only has 2 windows.

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Works well in SU2014. I'd welcome more opportunities to parameterize the window layout and frame sizes, but this does well for the basics.

Throws an error when installed but disabled:

Error Loading File toggleWindows.rb
Error: #
C:/Users/John/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/toggleWindows.rb:4:in `'

Maybe needs a slight tweak to the code to fix this minor annoyance?

PS. I thought I HAD disabled it, but got the error anyway, then checked Preferences, Extensions, and found it was re-enabled and working, in spite of the error on starting SU.

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it isnt working with me tooooo

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Mac OS X, Windows


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Very handy extension. One observation, there is no glass in the windows. Is it possible to add the option to have a glass plane? This would be helpful when rendering a scene. Thank You.

HELLO, I go into "Window", "Settings", "extensions", but the button "'Install Extension" does not appear. What's the problem? Thank you.

Everything works great. However, the limitation of the program makes it less useful. It would be great to determine mullion size and number, slider, single hung, double hung, fixed, curved, etc. Working on an upgrade??

I've installed the extension and every time I use it, it crashes SketchUp. I place 1 or 2 windows and WHAM the app crashes… What's up with that? I've tried it on SketchUP v.8 and the newer 2013 same on both.

I can not use because the relationship between the Chinese version thing?

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you mean failiooo

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i downloaded the plugin, but i did not get a prompt to install it. what do i do after the downloading is complete

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Go to your downloads, select the download & copy it to your desktop.
Open sketchup
Select window -> Preferences ->Extensions

On the bottom of the box you will see a button ''Install Extension'' - click it & choose the file on your desktop you just downloaded.

Should be installed now & available in the menu :)

note: on mac extension install is in menu "Sketchup -> Preferences -> Extensions"

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thanks for the explanation :)

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Doesn't wrap the operations into one Undo operation.

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Should be fixed in version 1.1.0

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