Window+ is a fast, powerful window creation and editing extension.

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Window+ and WinDoor+ YouTube videos now have corrected subtitles.

I wrote Window+ primarily for building designers, so that they could easily create and edit beautiful, well proportioned rectangular windows. Using Window+ the designer can quickly create any rectangular window layout and also size the profiles to match the detailed profiles from the manufacturer's data. In this way the windows look very close to the actual windows, especially if Sketchup's powerful texture 'paint bucket' tool is used to add a finish. BIM object data like profile length and glass area can be extracted. 

Window+ stems from my earlier free download, WinDoor. Based on feedback* from WinDoor I completely rewrote Window+ using better and more powerful algorithms for the easy creation and editing of all windows. It will be your extension of choice for adding rectangular windows to your building models.

I can email a pdf manual to you if you request it.

New to this version

Fixed bug which left reveal depth and wall width unchanged after using cut opening.


Ich schrieb Windows+ vor allem für Baudesignern, so dass sie leicht erstellen und bearbeiten können schöne, gut proportionierte rechteckige Fenster. Mit Windows+ kann der Designer schnell ein beliebiges rechteckiges Fensterlayout erstellen und die Profile auch mit den detaillierten Profilen aus den Daten des Herstellers abbilden. Auf diese Weise sehen die Fenster sehr nah an den eigentlichen Fenstern, vor allem, wenn Sketchups leistungsstarke Textur "Farbe Eimer" -Tool verwendet wird, um eine Beschaffenheit hinzuzufügen. BIM-Objektdaten wie Profillänge und Glasfläche können erhalten werden.

Windows+ stammt aus meinem früheren kostenlosen Download, WinDoor. Basierend auf Feedback* von WinDoor habe ich komplett Window+ mit besseren und leistungsfähigeren Algorithmen für die einfache Erstellung und Bearbeitung aller Fenster umgeschrieben. Es wird Ihre Erweiterung der Wahl für das Hinzufügen von rechteckigen Fenstern zu Ihrem Gebäude Modelle.

Ich kann Ihnen ein pdf-Handbuch schicken, wenn Sie es anfordern.

Neu in dieser Version

Fehler behoben, bei dem die Fenstertiefe und die Wandbreite unverändert blieben, nachdem 'Öffnung schneiden' verwendet wurde.


J'ai écrit Window + principalement pour les concepteurs de bâtiments, afin qu'ils puissent facilement créer et éditer de belles fenêtres rectangulaires bien proportionnées. En utilisant Window +, le concepteur peut rapidement créer une disposition de fenêtre rectangulaire et aussi dimensionner les profils pour correspondre aux profils détaillés des données du fabricant. De cette façon, les fenêtres semblent très proches des fenêtres réelles, surtout si l'outil puissant de «Paint bucket» de Sketchup est utilisé pour ajouter une finition. Les données de l'objet BIM comme la longueur du profil et la surface du verre peuvent être extraites.

Window+ provient de mon téléchargement gratuit antérieur, WinDoor. Basé sur la rétroaction * de WinDoor, j'ai réécrit complètement Window+ en utilisant des algorithmes meilleurs et plus puissants pour la création et l'édition faciles de toutes les fenêtres. Ce sera votre extension de choix pour ajouter des fenêtres rectangulaires à vos modèles de construction.

Je peux vous envoyer un manuel PDF si vous le demandez.

Nouveau sur cette version

Correction d'un bug qui laissait la profondeur du jambage et la largeur de la paroi inchangée après l'utilisation de 'couper l'ouverture'.



Window+ is available in English, German and French.

Window+ speaks English.

Window+ spricht Deutsch.

Window+ parle Francais.


*Southern Regional College, Newry, Northern Ireland and senior lecturer Peter Monaghan of SRC assisted me greatly with feedback and business mentoring. Thank you Peter, and SRC.

Thanks also to OBS Studio for the screen capture software I used to make my videos.



I just purchased the Plugin but it does't work. I'm have a macOS Hight Sierra software and using Sketch-up 2018. When I click on the tab to create a new window, thre are all 0s in the the defult set up box which is different from what I've seen in your tutorials. But even changing the numbers doesn't change anything.

Thanks for the help in advance, I really wanna make this plugin work!

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Thank you for purchasing Window+. I'm sorry you are having trouble with it.

I need some more information to help you. Can you please click on Window (a SketchUp menu item at the top of screen) then on Ruby Console and then run the Window+ extension and let me know if any error messages are generated in the ruby console. If so please copy and paste them into the Extension Warehouse review service or an email to me.

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Trusting your issue resolved itself. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need assistance.

Hi, I'm using sketchup pro 2018 and I've just downloaded the extension but I can't get it to work. I've tried accepting the diffult setting and hit ok and changing the defult then hit ok but no window is poping up. Appreciate the help.

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What error message is appearing at start up? Please cut and paste it to me.
Your trial license will run out in a few hours. If this happens you will need to contact SketchUp and report your problem to them and ask for a renewed trial license.
This is the address of the contact form

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SketchUp have just approved my latest maintenance update of Window+.
Bug squashed. In previous editions, when you changed the reveal depth and wall thickness using the Window+ 'cut opening' tool, the old reveal depth and wall thickness would annoyingly reassert themselves in the window. This is no longer the case. Now when you change the reveal depth and wall thickness they stay changed.

Trusting this makes things even better.

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Great extension for window creation, good value for money, quick and easy to use.
Would recommend without hesitation.

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thank you!

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Great news! The latest version of this extension is now published. Enjoy.

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Happy New Year 2018!

I submitted the latest Window+ to the SketchUp review team yesterday so I'm hoping it gets approved soon. New to this version is openable windows which you can see in the last video in the list on this page. Not shown on the video (to keep it short) is how you can open any of the opening casements which Window+ can create. These also include horizontal and vertical sliding sashes and horizontal and vertical double (french style) windows.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a comment or query in relation to Window+

Have a happy, healthy and successful 2018.

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The YouTube videos for Window+ now have correct subtitles in English.

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Happy Christmas to all Window+ users!
Peace, health, happiness and success in 2018.

Great work, nice post. sim card supplier if we watch this video properly we can learn easily.

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Purchased your extention 26th October 2017 order number 763102, worked for a few days, now get message that cant find licence, can you help.
Thanks Michael

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thank you very much for purchasing Window+. It is a great extension and normally works fine, so I'm sorry that you are having an issue with the licence software. I have had a look at a recent SketchUp Community page which seems to deal with the problem. I have quoted the latest update for your convenience. Everything between the >> and the << is quoted and that the update is from Chris Fulmer of SketchUp support. Note that the way to fix the problem depends on the version of Sketchup you own.
>>UPDATE 3:56MDT 11/10/2017:
We have a fix in place for this issue. We would love to get some quick feedback from anyone who was having this issue, if you could please see if its resolved. Here's how:
SU 2017: Open the Extension manager and find the extension(s) with the License Error message. There should be a button that says "Update Extension" visible. Click that and wait for the page to refresh. That should fix the problem.

SU 2016 or earlier: You will likely need to uninstall the extension through the Extension Warehouse, and then reinstall it. That will delete the extension that did not have a valid license, and the reinstall will push a new valid license onto your machine.
---------- end update -------------
Hey everyone, we're getting a lot of reports from users that the Extension Warehouse is not issuing licenses for Paid extensions the way it should. We're still trying to get to the bottom of the problem, but it appears that it is affecting all Paid extensions.

If you purchase an extension, you will probably get a warning that no license was found
If you try to install a Paid extension that you already own onto a new machine, or a new version of SketchUp (ie 2017 upgrade) - will also probably get a warning that no valid license was found.

For now, it is recommended to not try to install Paid extensions, as there will likely be License problems.

We are actively trying to understand what is causing this problem so that we can work on fixing it. Consider checking back on the status of this thread every 24 hours - I'll keep the status posted here.

Chris Fullmer<<

Here is the url of the full thread

I hope this sorts the problem for you. If not do contact SketchUp support for further help. Individual developers like myself do not have anything to do with the issuing of the extension licences.

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The issue noted below is now resolved in the latest version of Window+. Read the release notes for all the improvements.

Note that the glass area reported by the profiles and areas function might be a few percent wrong. Whilst checking the performance of Window+ I noticed that the glazing bar width (functionality added in the last edition of Window+) is not taken into account by the profiles and areas function. I'll be putting this right in the next edition of Window+

This is not an extension I use a lot but found it very useful when drawing a whole house or large part of.
All has been fine up until about a month ago. Now when I've input my desired spec and created the window, I cannot then move the window from the plane it has been created on. This wasn't the case when I bought the extension 6 months ago or so. And since I have also tried the Windor extension with the same results.
Do you have any answers what the problem may be?

Ps. I'd have prefered to have messaged you direct rather than add this to the reviews but I've found no way of doing so. I don't agree with negative feedback for someone doing what they can to aid others so please dont read it as so. This is a good extension and I'm sure theres a fix to my problem.



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The window is a SketchUp component with the characteristic 'glue' switched on. This enables it to automatically attach itself to any face. To unglue it simply right click on the window and select 'unglue' from the dropdown list.

Hope this solves your problem. Do not hesitate to contact me again if the issue is unresolved.

Kind regards,


Yes, thats the fix. Knew it'd be something simple.

Thanks Francis. Good work btw.


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you are welcome.

I'm glad you are finding the extension useful.


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Important information!
I recently discovered that due to an accidentally adopted dependancy my extensions, Window+ and WinDoor+ will only work when the extension Advanced Camera Tools is enabled. Advanced Camera Tools comes shipped with Sketchup2017. If you experience a complete failure of your Window+ or WinDoor+ extension the most likely reason is that you have disabled Advanced Camera Tools. For the time being simply re-enable Advanced Camera Tools. I am rewriting the dependancy functionality into my extensions so this issue will disappear with the next upgrades.

I apologise for any inconveniance or concerns caused.

Trusting everyone is enjoying lots of useful benefit from my extensions.

Happy SketchUping!

Not really a review, but I don't know where else to go for help with this extension...

I'm struggling with the settings when creating a window. Some make sense, others are terms I've never heard of (I'm not an architect). I have played around with all the settings, but when I use the "cut opening" command, I get unexpected results... window is set too far through the wall, etc.

Is there a diagram of each command, pointing to what visible part of the window it affects? This would help greatly, rather than having to make endless adjustments and still not getting the cut opening to work the way I expect.

It is a really nice, powerful extension - I just need to understand why I'm not getting an accurate or complete placement of the window through the wall. It's obviously my error, but I've reached the end of what I can try to make it work for me.

Francis Mc Shane's picture

the cutting function cuts two parallel vertical faces, the 'wall' faces. You must correctly enter the wall thickness and the reveal depth in the dialog box. The reveal depth is the depth into the wall of the outside face of the window.

The 'wall' faces must not be in a group or a component. If they are in a group or a component the cutting function will add the cutting geometry in model space. You will notice this first when you go out of the group or component and see the geometry in model space.

There is a series of short films which explain all of the extension's functionality in the Extension Warehouse on the Window+ page. Cut opening is shown in Tutorial 1 (at the end) and Tutorial 6 (towards the end). I can send you a pdf manual if you let me have your email address.

If this fails, please send me the part of your model which isn't working and I'll take a look.

Thank you for your kind comment on Window+. I really hope it helps you achieve beautifully proportioned windows, quickly and easily.

Julian S's picture

Francis, this is working as expected again.

Request: would you be able to update the plugins it remembers the last settings used, or be able to do some presets it can recall? Also, it would be useful if one could have a field where you could assign the glazing and frames (groups, not geometry) to custom layers. Medeek Truss has done this and it's really useful.

Francis Mc Shane's picture

Thank you for your feedback.
I could get the plugin to read an initialisation file which would be written by the last created window and which the user could edit.

I like your and Medeek's idea with the layers. I didn't put text for instance on a different layer because I thought it impolite to add a layer to a user's model. But if I give the user the chance to create her/his own layer then that is a different matter.

I will try to make these part of the extension soon.

Thank you again.

Julian S's picture

SketchUp 2017 compatible version please, I'm having licence issues...

Francis Mc Shane's picture

there shouldn't be any licence issues. You probably are getting a notice that Window+ is not marked as being compatible with SketchUp 2017. I haven't updated it yet. But it should still run fine. Just click past the warnings. If not please let me know. I will be updating Window+ as soon as I can.

Julian S's picture


It seems this is a Trimble issue on SU2017. See here:

Window+ won't load as a licence isn't found somehow, now warnings to click past. This works fine on SU2016 though, thanks.

啟文 蔡's picture

Hi Francis :

I had difficulty to link payment server from China, do you offer other way to purchase window+ plugin.

We would like to generate bill of material for window manufacture, so we will need to setup profile according to manufacture parameter, and adding some accessory, such as insect screen, pull...etc, so we might need either modify or asking your help to make a manufacture specific plugin, will it be possible. You maybe also answer to my email

Bill Tsai

Francis Mc Shane's picture

Trimble sell the Window+ extension, for me. If there is an issue with payment you need to contact Trimble.

I do not program custom versions of Window+. It functions exactly as described in my videos. If this is not what you need then I would advise you to check again at a later date. I have been augmenting the functionality from time to time so keep an eye on the extension version number and, as time goes on, future versions may do what you need.

Good luck with your projects!


Francis Mc Shane's picture

just so you know, Trimble have approved my lastest version of Window+ ver 1.1.7 In this latest edition of Window+ I have added two new window styles, double windows and sliding sash windows. These can be in vertical or horizontal format so they're really four extra styles.
Window+ is now also available in German and French. Window+ spricht Deutsch. Window+ parle Francais.
I can email a pdf manual to you if you request it.

Check out the videos on the Extension Warehouse site for Window+ to see it in action.


Jeff S's picture

Hi Francis,
I bought your windows extension, but Sketchup will not allow me to install through the program. Some kind of authentication error. Can you email me your .rbz file so i can get to work.
Thank you,

Francis Mc Shane's picture

I am really sorry that you are having trouble installing Window+. This is the first time this issue has been reported to me. I'm guessing that either the file download from the Extension Warehouse is corrupted or that you need permission on the system on which the extension is being installed.

I cannot send you the .rbz because Trimble are the vendors and distributors of the extension and the .rbz file is not secured (readable).

First make sure you have the permissions on your system to install. If this is not the issue you could try uninstalling the extension and reinstalling from a redownloaded file. If this does not work and in order to help you, please can you cut and paste the output from the Ruby Console on failure to load the extension and send it to me. I might be able to advise you then.


Francis Mc Shane's picture

I trust you resolved your installation issue with my Window+ extension. If you are still having problems just let me know.

I recently published the latest version of Window+ which has the added functionality of vertical and horizontal sliding sash windows. As a Window+ user you can download and install this under your current license, that is with no extra charge. Again let me know if there are any problems.

Bart D.'s picture

Can you make sliding windows, 2,3,4,5,6 sashes ? Bart, Belgium

Francis Mc Shane's picture

I'm not sure what you mean by 2,3,4,5,6 sashes. I've written a few more window types including horizontal and vertical sliding sashes. They are traditional double sash windows. They can be concatenated into several joined double sashes. I will be issuing this version of the extension very soon. I'm just working on the language support for German and French.

Francis Mc Shane's picture

this version does sliding sash window, both horizontal and vertical. It has German and French language support.

Michael C.'s picture

Looks interesting but will the windows cut through a multi leaf wall ie. cavity insulated walls? If not how would you go about this? and do you know of any useful extensions to ease the process?

Francis Mc Shane's picture

it cuts through a wall with an outer face and an inner face. That is all. Having said that, that is all I use and I am an architect building real buildings. I put the detail into section cut faces which only appear in the scenes I want them in. I hide them or even put them on a layer which I turn off for other scenes.

I think there is an old plugin which cuts through walls but again just two faces. I think it is on the Ruby Plugin Depot, and maybe by D. Bur?

Very interested in this plug in, but is it compatible with the Mac version of SU16? Also, how do I access the trial version? Thanks...

Francis Mc Shane's picture

I just do not know if it is compatible, so I cannot recommend it for Mac users. At the moment I am writing a translation to German and French for the extension and when I have done this I will be adding door modelling to the functionality. When I have all that behind me I will then see if I can get the use of the Macs in the local college and get it all working on them. But that may take me a while.

I don't offer a trial version because the extension is well described in the videos and is not expensive, considering what it does.

Sorry about not having it checked on the Mac but I do not own one which makes it difficult for me.

Pejman T's picture

please make it compatible with 2015 and /or elder versions .

Francis Mc Shane's picture

I will look at this when I've finished other work but I suspect the security problem of the old scrambler having been hacked will prevent me from issuing the extension in earlier versions.

Francis Mc Shane's picture

Sorry, I will not be doing this with Window+. My plugin WinDoor is free to download from the Ruby Depot and its extension version from the Extension warehouse.

孝贤 林's picture

Very nice!
Since it is free, can you upload the rb file that we can translate it into other language and works in elder version of sketchup ?

Francis Mc Shane's picture

Sorry, I will not be making Window+ compatible with ealier versions. My plugin WinDoor is free to download from the Ruby Depot and its extension version from the Extension warehouse

Francis Mc Shane's picture

Thank you for you complimentary comment.
Sorry but I cannot let you have the code. It was never really meant to be free but accidentally got onto the warehouse free because of a problem Trimble are having registering sellers. I've now taken the extension down until I get registered and will put it back as a paid for extension then.

Jared E's picture

Wuw love it....and are we going to see Door+ :)

Francis Mc Shane's picture

Thank you Jared. You are very kind.
See my reply to Nounou above regarding developing the extension.

Nounou k's picture

Great JOB!
Is it free?

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